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Exchange Rate Avengers CastxTeen!Avenger!Reader 2
The Marvel universe one day earlier…
“Maintain your guard, (Name).” Natasha Romanoff ordered as she continued her barrage of punches and kicks.
“Can’t we break for lunch or have a snack or something? We’ve been at this for hours.” You pleaded as you ducked Natasha’s blow only to have your legs swept out from under you. You landed on the training mat with a solid thunk.
Natasha gazed down at you, one hand firmly planted on her hip, as you tried to relearn how to breathe.
“Alright, we can stop to eat. It doesn’t look like your mind was focused on training anyway.” Natasha sighed and extended a hand to help you up.
You grasped Natasha’s hand but instead of standing you attempted to pull Natasha down to your level and pin her. Natasha must have anticipated your move because she allowed you to pull her down but rolled away before you had a chance to pin her.
“Nice try, (Name). Maybe you have been paying attention
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 28 17
Feather Light Touch 2p!FACExBadass!Reader
Feather Light Touch 2p!FACExBadass!Reader
“Thanks for inviting me over, Oliver.” You said as you sat down on Oliver’s living room loveseat and smoothed out the skirt of your flower print dress.
“Always a pleasure to have you over, (Name).” Oliver beamed and handed you a freshly brewed cup of tea.
You crossed your ankles and daintily sipped your tea. A broad smile spread over your face as chocolate, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon bloomed in your mouth.
“Oh my, Oliver, your tea is simply divine. You must show me how to brew it like this.”
Oliver’s face lit up at your praise.
“Of course, poppet, it would be my pleasure.”
You took another sip of the tea, favoring the flavor, when you noticed how strangely quiet the house was.
“Pardon me, Oliver, but where are the others?” You questioned, resting your tea cup on your knee.
“Well let me think.” Oliver’s index finger hovered on his chin for a moment. &
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 79 14
Fallen AvengersxValkyrie!Reader Part 10
Fallen AvengersxValkyrie!Reader Part 10
An uneasy Tony paced back and forth across the small clearing at the base of the temple.
“Where are they? They should be back by now!” Tony ran a hand through his hair making it stand on end.
“Tony’s right.” Natasha agreed. “All of us managed to wander out at about the same time but it has been way over an hour and there is still no sign of (Name) or Loki.”
Moments after Natasha finished speaking, a blindingly green light illuminated the clearing.
“I apologize for making you all wait so long but as you can see the mission was a success.” Loki held up the Aldartal for the inspection of the group.
“Great, you got the magic rock but where’s the reason we went on this mission in the first place?” Clint demanded. Loki’s pleased expression slid off his face.
“Where’s (Name)?” Steve enquired.
“Ah. Yes. (Name).” Loki shifted u
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 22 6
Alana V1 by scottishdraka Alana V1 :iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 0 3
Rainy Encounter 2p!FACExCowgirl!Reader
Rainy Encounter 2p!FACExCowgirl!Reader
“I think we might be going the wrong way, Jacques.” Oliver said, squinting at the roadmap spread across his knees.
Jacques flipped the windshield wipers onto a higher intensity.
“Oliver’s right. We’ve been driving for hours! We’re not even on a main road anymore.” Matt complained. He slid his sunglasses down his nose to better glare at Jacques.
“You’re such a douche for wearing sunglasses at night.” Al snorted.
“Don’t call me a douche, douche.” Matt growled, smacking his half-brother upside the head.
Jacques kept his eyes focused on the road, studiously ignoring the brawl in the back seat. Suddenly, Jacques slammed on the breaks.
“What was that for?!” Al demanded, holding one hand against the spot where his head smacked against the headrest of his seat.
“See for yourself.” Jacques stated blandly. Illuminated by the car’s headlights, a fallen
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 71 25
A Simple Little Christmas SPNxTeen!Reader Part 3
A Simple Little Christmas SPNxTeen!Reader Part 3
Cocooned in warmth, you snuggled into the blanket that was draped over you. You let out a soft, contented sigh and cracked open your eyes. The dull off-white of Bobby’s living room ceiling greeted your bleary eyes. A mild snoring to your right alerted you that Dean had also fallen asleep in the living room.
The blanket slipped off of you as you stood and stumbled your way into the kitchen. Sam was leaning up against the kitchen counter, nursing a cup of coffee.
“What time is it?” You groaned.
“Nearly noon.” Sam said. You grunted and yanked a carton of orange juice out of the fridge. You sniffed the contents experimentally then thought better of drinking it and put the orange juice back in the fridge.
“Good morning everyone!” Dean strode into the kitchen beaming like a freaking ray of sunshine.
“What is wrong with you?” You asked, tone dripping with disgust. “I don’t care w
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 20 0
Christmas Spelltacular Young!SPNxTeen!Reader Pt. 1
Christmas Spelltacular Young!SupernaturalxTeen!Reader
You were minding your own business, watching your favorite Christmas movie, when your phone rang, interrupting you.
“(Name), I’m so glad you answered, love.” Your longtime friend Crowley said.
“What’s wrong?” You asked. You had known Crowley for centuries and knew that that particular tone of voice meant trouble was about.
“Well, love, it’s kind of difficult to explain… How about we come over and discuss it?” You cocked a brow.
“Yes,” came Crowley’s voice from behind you, “we.”
You spun to face the king of Hell and your jaw dropped open in shock. Before you stood Crowley but he wasn’t himself. No. Rather, he was himself at the age of fifteen. A little dark haired head popped up over Crowley’s shoulder. A five-year-old Castiel gazed at you with steady blue eyes.
“Crowley, what happened?
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 36 6
A Simple Little Christmas SPNxTeen!Reader Part 2
A Simple Little Christmas SPNxTeen!Reader Part 2
You tried your best not to be affected by Bobby shooting down your request to celebrate Christmas. After that, however, you were only a ghost of your usual self. Bobby noticed.
“(Name), can you come down here please?” Bobby called. You shuffled down the stairs and into his study.
“Yeah Uncle Bobby?”
“Are you feelin’ alright?”
“I’m fine.” You said woodenly. Bobby’s hard eyes drilled into you.
“Okay.” You took that as permission to leave. Your zombified form shuffled back out of Bobby’s study and up the stairs.
Before you made it to your room, a knock sounded at the front door.
“I’ve got the door, (Name). Could you get me a beer from the kitchen?” Bobby was up and halfway to the front door before you could even react.
“Um, okay.”
You grabbed a beer from the fridge but before you could drop it off in Bobby’s study, he call
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 23 2
A Simple Little Christmas SPNxTeen!Reader Part 1
A Simple Little Christmas SupernaturalxTeen!Reader Part 1
“Alight everyone, that’s the bell,” the teacher said, setting down her English book. “Make sure to write your essay this week so you can enjoy your break. Merry Christmas everyone.”
“Merry Christmas Mrs. Chandler,” The class chorused back as they shoved their school books into their bags.
You stood up and stretched. You enjoyed English and all but today was the last day of school before Christmas break and that always made it hard to concentrate. You scooped up your bag and raced out to the buses to make sure you didn’t miss your ride home.
The bus dropped you off at a nice looking house but as soon as the bus pulled away, you started walking. You walked for almost half an hour until you came to your home. “Home” was a place most people wouldn’t notice. Or rather, they would notice it but they would never guess that you lived there. You walked under the sign that
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 36 4
Fallen AvengersxValkyrie!Reader Part 9
Fallen AvengersxValkyrie!Reader Part 9
When morning dawned bright and cheerful, your group was already back on the road to Valhalla. Several hours of walking took you, Alana, Loki, and the Avengers out of the forest you spent your night in, up hills that were more like small mountains, and to the edge of a cliff that dropped down to nothing.
“Wait, so the world just ends?” Clint demanded, peering down into the black nothingness beyond the cliff.
“You already knew that Alana’s world is a rift in space. Is it really so surprising that it doesn’t go on forever?” Thor asked.
“Well our world doesn’t go on forever either, but it doesn’t just end like that.” Tony protested.
“Realms like mine are ever expanding.” Alana explained. “Valhalla, Asgard, and Midgard are fixed.”
“And due to their expanding nature, the in-between realms often brush up against the fixed realms.” Loki said, stepping forward a
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 52 17
Saving Spell Casters WinchestersxReader
Saving Spell Casters WinchestersxReader
The girls stood in a perfect line all clad in white robes. They were all perfectly still, all perfectly stoic, except the girl on the end. At first glance she looked exactly like the others. But if one only bothered to look closer, the unease that flickered in her blue eyes was readily apparent. She didn’t want to be there but it was too late to back out now.
“Sisters,” a group of women in their thirties made their way over to the girls, “so glad you came. Tonight we pay homage to the great Samhain.”
Several of the more fanatical girls shifted, unable to contain their excitement.
Surely one of them would be picked.
The leader of adults slowly stalked up and down the line. She stopped when she came to the pile of blue eyed nerves. She stared the younger girl down then touched the girl to her left.
The fanatical girls immediately quieted down and some began whispering about how unfair it was that they were not chos
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 35 5
Fallen AvengersxValkyrie!Reader Part 8
Fallen AvengersxValkyrie!Reader Part 8
“I thought you said that this route would save us time. We’ve been walking for seven days.” Clint complained.
“It has saved us time.” Loki argued. “We’ll be in Valhalla by noon tomorrow.”
“That’s wonderful but perhaps we should rest for the night.” You suggested.
“It’s still too early.” Thor argued.
“No, no, (Name) is right.” Alana declared as she fluttered off Loki’s shoulder and returned to her normal size. “A little rest would be well earned.”
Thor sighed.
“Fine. We rest.”
“Oh thank God!” Tony exclaimed, collapsing on the ground.
The clearing that had the honor of hosting the Avengers, you, Alana, and Loki was less defensible than desired, but as you had run into very little difficulty thus far, though you suspected that it had more to do with Alana’s presence than the creatures dwelling in the realm su
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 46 3
Fixer Upper DeanxReader
Fixer Upper DeanxReader
The Men of Letters bunker that Sam, Dean, you, and the occasional supernatural guest called home could never be described as peaceful. Between the never ending cases, the angel and demon tablets, and all the crap with the Metatron and heaven, there was rarely a moment where you could simply rest.
That morning proved to be no different.
Dean banged on your bedroom door aggressively, shouting at you to wake up.
You weren’t a morning person, but you did manage to roll out of bed and shuffle to the door before Dean decided to break it down.
“What is so important that you need to wake me up this early? It’s not even nine yet.” You groaned. Like aforementioned, you were not a morning person.
Without a word, Dean stepped aside. At first you were confused, what were you supposed to be looking at? Then you looked down.
“What happened?” You asked as you took in the six-year-old Sam Winchester swathed in a blanket like a fluffy green bur
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 54 14
Fallen AvengersxValkyrie!Reader Part 7
Fallen AvengersxValkyrieReader Part 7
When you, Loki, and the Avengers stepped out of the Bifrost, you stared around yourself, confused.
“Where are we?” You asked.
“We are currently standing in a crack in the universe.” Thor said.
“A what?” Clint asked.
“As the universe expands, some parts of it grow weak. If the weak points persist, they become cracks.” Loki explained.
“But, how?!” Clint gestured wildly at the surrounding greenery. “How are there plants?!”
“You were expecting it to be barren?”
“Universe cracks often, but not always, form realms unto themselves. They are the worlds between realms.”
“Okay,” Tony said, “but why are we here?”
“We are here to speak with this realm’s queen.” Thor reminded.
“The Court of Miracles?” You asked, remembering what Loki had said earlier. “I thought it was just a story.
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 49 8
Hunted SupernaturalxWolf shifter!Reader
Hunted SupernaturalxWolf shifter!Reader
You knew the rules.
Be discreet.
Don’t let anyone see you.
And, above all, do not kill a human.
You had always abided by those rules. Until tonight, anyway.
In your defense, you were sure that what you killed wasn’t human. It sure didn’t smell like one. Humans always smelled warm; even if more subtle scents were often intermixed. That thing smelled… empty. Like it wasn’t sure what it was.
And you deeply regretted killing it.
Not because you had taken a life, that was something you would have to get over in order to survive, it was what followed after.
People now knew you existed.
Or, at least, three people knew.
Your grandmother always warned you and your little brother about them. They were the reason why the rules even existed.
~Three days earlier~
Your life was relatively normal. Well, normal for a wolf shifter anyway.
You lived with your grandmother and younger brother. Naturally, you had to move around
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 93 22
High Flyer FalconxReader
High Flyer FalconxReader
You looked down from your vantage point on top of Stark tower and felt your stomach lurch.
“You know what, I’m not so sure that this is such a good idea.” You said nervously as you tried to step back from the edge.
“(Name), you can’t back out of this now. You’re the one who wanted to get over your fear of heights.” Sam Wilson said from behind you.
“But what if I fall?”
“You think I’m going to drop you? Seriously?”
“I just think that there too many things that could go wrong.” You felt Sam take a step closer so that he was directly behind you with barely an inch of space between.
“(Name), do you trust me?” Before you could answer, Sam’s hands were flat against your back and you were falling through open air.
You liked to think that you had a normalish scream when someone push you off the roof of a very tall building but, to your own ears at least, you sounded li
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 49 10


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Hey guys, I know it's been a while since you've heard from me but something really serious happened at my university over the weekend. A boy who was attending my university committed suicide. If you are someone who experiences depression or suicidal thoughts or know someone who is, you don't have to go through this alone. There are a lot of people who want to help and support you.

Here is a link to a list of suicide crisis lines from all around the world:…

I am also here if you guys need to talk about stuff. Stay safe, guys.
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A message to plagiarizers: I may not be the best writer out there and I do not have the most watchers, but know this, my watchers are fierce little bastards and if you think you can get away with stealing my work I will not hesitate to sic them on you and watch as they gleefully rip you limb from limb. If you attempt to steal my work, you will live to regret it. Do we understand each other?

A message to my watchers: I probably don't need to tell you guys this, but if you see something say something. If you see something that looks like my work posted under an account that you know is not mine, please note me.

You may now precede to the rest of my profile.

Hello peoples! I'm Kyla. I'm 19 and a Christian. Let's get something out of the way real quick. I don't really care how you live your life. If you're a girl who likes girls, a guy who likes guys, or someone who is non-binary that likes all genders, it does not really matter to me. I believe in respect and dignity above all else. I will respect you as long as you respect me. Okay?

I am currently attending Pierce College and will be attending George Fox University in the Fall, but I will always be a homeschooler at heart. I live in Washington State, and am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Gravity Falls, Undertale, Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Loki.

David Tennant, Tom Hiddleston, Markiplier, and Jennifer Lawrence are my heroes.

I'm in love with the Winchesters and Loki.

I love the colors blue, green, and silver.

Did I already mention I really like Loki?

Clowns freak me out.

I love to sing even if I think I sound terrible.

Like seriously, I think Loki is awesome.

I have several different laughs, none of which I can control. There's the polite chuckle for bad jokes that I hate myself for liking. There's the snicker for when my friends make a fool out of themselves. There's the no sound clapping like a seal one. There's the normal laugh then snort which then sets off another round of laughing. And there's the dying weeze. You know those people who have like an infectious laugh that makes other people start laughing? I'm one of them.

I hug people on sight.

...And walk into doors when I don't pay attention...

I love Glaucus Atlanticus (also known as the Blue Dragon mollusk). If you don't know what that is or have never seen a picture of it, look it up. Like now.

I love Shakespeare. A lot. My favorite plays are Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, The Taming of the Shrew, and Twelfth Night.

When I'm excited (like when my favorite songs come on the radio), I make this really weird gasping/dying noise.

Some of my favorite songs are: 100 Years by Five For Fighting, Counting Stars by OneRepublic, Monster by Skillet, The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes, Waiting for Superman by Daughtry, and pretty much every Disney song.

I do original writing and I hope one day to be published. If you ever see an American brunette/red head (auburn?) goofing off on the television and acting like a total fangirl, chances are that's me.

I give llamas quite freely. You can get one from me by giving me one or watching me.

I don't do watch for watch but if you write stuff that interests me, I'll watch you for sure.

And finally... LOKI!

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